Whitehall Park-109In this area of the website, you will be able to find out more information about the teaching and learning which takes place here at Whitehall Park School. We have included expectations of learning in EYFS and Year 1 for the end of year outcomes so that you can see what you child is aiming to achieve by the end of each school year. You can read more about this by clicking here for EYFS Development Matters – an assessment document used by the EYFS team to inform planning, next steps and the creative curriculum. This document informs steps towards achieving the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception. You can see the Early Learning Goals in the Development Matters Document.

You will also find out how we teach Phonics, Literacy, Maths and Creativity here at Whitehall Park by reading the relevant documents and using the shared links to support learning at home through the use of ICT.

Please do keep checking our Gallery of events and learning which is updated weekly so that the children can showcase their learning and talk about it at home with families and friends using the photos as prompts for their discussions.

You can also check the Golden Book Awards each week to find out who has excelled in their learning and achievements and made it into the Golden Book for their exceptional outcomes.