Stay on Green

[vc_row el_class=”purple”][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”10344″ img_size=”large” title=”Stay on the Green”][vc_column_text]At Whitehall Park School we have a way of recognising outstanding behaviour through our positive behaviour strategies using a technique called “Stay on Green!”. All children at Whitehall Park understand that we always want to “Stay on Green” and that if they are able to meet our expectations every day they will be able to earn Green points towards our whole class Green point total.

Every half term, children can collect green points together as a class so that we can have a whole class reward, for example having “green time”, taking a trip to the park to have a picnic or even turning our classroom into a cinema. By working together collectively, our children understand the importance of helping each other to make the right choices and to follow our school rules.

We know that every child at Whitehall Park is more than capable of showing excellent behaviours for learning and that by behaving in the right way they can become excellent learners. That is why we always want our school to be a consistency “green” school, so we can do the very best learning we possibly can! Everybody wants to “Stay on Green” even the teachers!

If children exceed expectations they will achieve special individual recognition and could even achieve a Bronze, Silver or even a Gold award.   Achieving these special awards means that they haven’t just been consistently “green”, but that they have exceeded all expectations and have done something totally amazing.   Maybe a child has been an outstanding friend, or perhaps has shown excellent behaviours for learning or maybe they did something exceptionally kind.

Achieving a Gold award is the ultimate reward!   Golden Pupils earn their very own Golden Badge to wear with pride, and their name is displayed in the Golden Book and on the Golden Roll of Honour!    Children will even get to sit in the special Golden throne at Golden Book assembly.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can all make the wrong choices and at Whitehall Park School, we try not to dwell on this too much.   If children make the choice not to do the right thing, there are consequences to their actions and their names may move to Blue, Yellow or Red zone.   Children are given every opportunity to put things right before any of these colours are given and there is continual encouragement to enable children to make the choice to “Stay on Green”.   If children do go to any of these colours, we encourage them to get back to “green” as quickly as possible.

During our learning time children learn all about themselves and others through our Personal, Social and Emotional curriculum. This continual learning and awareness of how our actions affect us, enables children to develop an excellent understanding of how to make the right choices.   Children are encouraged to understand that their behaviour is their own choice and so they can make decisions about how they behave!  We teach children strategies and techniques to help them make the positive choices and to cope and manage their feelings and emotions when things don’t go right, which is when we can all sometimes make the wrong choice. Through this encouragement and learning together, we can all help each other “Stay on Green” It is always our choice which colour we end up on each day!   At Whitehall Park we are all going for GOLD!!!

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